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Why publishing to your blog feed before social channels is good practice

Why publishing to your blog feed before social channels is good practice

It’s easy to get convinced that posting your content directly to Facebook or Twitter for your business is the best way to engage your audiences, but perhaps we’re overlooking a golden opportunity to build our SEO ranking on our business websites when we leave it out of the mix and bypass this medium.

Adding fresh content to a website is a key strategy for boosting SEO rankings on your targeted keywords. If your website is a WordPress based website then it’s already dialed in to work as a news feed. Because of the fact that it is the king of website frameworks, it’s likely that you’re website is a WordPress website. Alternatively, if you are using a service like Weebly or SquareSpace, then you’ve likely got a built in blog as well.

Following a publishing flow of first writing your blog post on your website then pushing a truncated clip with article link to Facebook and then a snippet of that to Twitter will cover your main social media audiences. But there are many more social media channels and if you use several it will be helpful to learn how to use an automated publishing format like Zapier or IFTTT to handle these tasks for you. In our case we publish a single post in WordPress and it pushes it to our other social media pages automatically. This process is easy to set up and link accounts together and can save you tons of time reposting and sharing.

So back to the benefits of posting fresh content to your website primarily before the other social channels. First of all, we really want to engage our audiences where ever they are, but we also want to bring them back to the website at the hub of our online presence. Be it a services based business or an e-commerce shop, the products and service offerings live on the site. So, focusing our efforts on reaching people where they are and attracting them to the website is our number one goal.

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Second, and this is big – SEO! Your posts are written to highlight your products and services, so naturally, they’re packed with SEO-rich keywords. We don’t get the benefits of these great articles unless they’re first and foremost living on the website. Each post can have keywords in the title, in the body, category and tags. Also, there’s the back linking benefits you have that will help boost credibility and authority by attracting readers to the website via these relevant keywords and bits of information. All in all, these benefits pay off huge and the bots will reward your ranking position if you post more content on your website with frequency.

The last benefit that we should mention to posting content to the website first is that we can elaborate on our ideas and more comfortably write in long form. A long article on our website used to go in-depth on any particular subject is definitely not going to fit into 250 Twitter characters of space. Likewise, Facebook would be longer than Twitter, but really you want to keep Facebook brief and tease readers onto the website. So really demonstrating the expertise and taking a deeper approach to your articles is best published on the website for full advantage.

Next month we’ll tackle the question of how often you should blog for SEO vs. audience engagement. Until then, happy blogging!

The cobbler’s son goes shoeless no more

The cobbler’s son goes shoeless no more

We’ve all heard the famous sayings “The cobbler’s children go unshod” and “doctors make the worst patients“,  well in our case both of these adages hit awfully close to the mark. But no more! We are proud to welcome you to the freshly baked, brand-spanking-new, rebranded and rebuilt ASK Advertising website! Sometimes getting around to your own updates takes a backseat to completing pressing client projects, our website has been a casualty of this prioritization. And now, we are relieved to finally have our new website up and running so we can promote our great clients and projects that we’re so proud to have had the opportunity to work on.

Hopefully you, our website guests, will be inspired by our portfolio of creative design projects and see something that ignites that spark in your mind. As we all prepare for the new calendar year and revise our marketing plans we hope you will consider adding ASK Advertising to your creative team.

Feel free to connect with our office anytime to launch your new website, digital marketing or graphic design project.

We hope you enjoy the new site and connect with us soon.